Where Did The True “Swag” Go?

Where Did The True “Swag” Go?

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This week on Life Full Circle Radio we are asking the question, what happened to true swag?

Rappers Bow Wow and Soldier Boy are a long way from the fashion statements of the 50s

By Miguel Lloyd

One of our panelists will be Damon from VerySmartbrothas.com

At the risk of sounding like a real ol’ head and borderline curmudgeon, when I saw this picture that is circling around the internet, I was immediately floored. Pictured above are two young dudes, one with his jeans on his hips, the other with his jeans unbuttoned and below his….package…taking a picture like they are the most suave dudes on the planet. Well for some of y’all reading this who’ve been stuck in a cubicle ignoring BET, YouTube and your kids for the last 15 years, that is Bow Wow (formerly Lil Bow Wow) and Soldier Boy. Two very popular rappers and sometimes actors in the game. The way they and many of their colleagues in the entertainment industry are dressing are the source of your discontent with your sons, nephews and neighbors fashion choices.

Fashion Designer Niiamar Felder will also be our guest tonight

Now for some who know me personally, you know that I went through, just like many of us, phases in fashion that we will never understand. The Kwame polka dots, house music rayon shirts and those silver toe shoes many of us wore, we will never live down. However, I am proud to say that I never owned a pair of hammer pants. They were just whack!

I am not trying to dump on youthful exuberance or their form of self-expression. What concerns me and many like me is many of the choices that being made show very little vision and are irreversible. It goes well beyond skinny jeans that will go out of style like the Jerri curl. Face and neck tattoos are becoming as important to your outfit as, a Gucci belt or a pair of Jordans. All while black unemployment is double the average of the rest of America. For some of the younger fashionistas reading this and wondering what one has to do with the other. Well if you have black or brown skin and you have tattoos that are in places that cannot be covered up by a polo shot, you’ve made a decision that may influence people who may not employ you. Unless you want to work at McDonalds, wash cars or cut grass.

Many of us ol heads who have tats or black greek brands, have them in places you might see on our follow through during a round of golf, or during a pick up game of hoops, not when we are simply walking around in the mall. When we chose to make those personal expressions, we did it in a way that if we were a Kappa or we wanted to honor the memory of Tupac or another “dead homie”, it was on a “need to know” basis, not for mass consumption. Thats not the mind-set of many anymore.

Gucci Mane may never need a 9-5, but his tat and many others are making many of their fans unemployable

Young men and women are not leaving much to the imagination in the choices they are making in their way of expression. They are wearing them for all to see, whether we want to see them or not.

On this weeks show, we will ask the question, Where did the “Swag” go? Are these young people making mistakes or is it much adieu about nothing.

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