Where are todays black leaders

Where are todays black leaders

by Miguel Lloyd

Its been over 40 years since the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X. Some would say, not since these two great leaders walked the Earth has Black America had a “leader”. Really? What about Jesse Jackson? or Shirley Chisholm? How about current leaders like Al Sharpton or Louis Farrakhan? Are our media giants Tom Joyner, Steve Harvey, Michael Baisden, or Tavis Smiley trying to fill that role? What about our entertainment moguls such as Jay-Z, Beyonce, Will and Jada Smith or Lil’ Wayne? What about our athletes like Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan or D. Wade. What about our megachurch preachers like Dr. Creflo Dollar, Dr. Fred Price and A.R. Bernard. And we can’t forget our current President, Barack Obama. Where do we turn? All these “leaders” while our families are falling apart. Tune in this week as we discuss this all important issue. Who are our leaders? Who do we go to for answers? Tune in this week for this thought provoking subject right here on Life Full Circle Radio.

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