The State of Black Radio

The State of Black Radio

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By Miguel Lloyd

This week on #LFCRadio we will be talking the current state of Black Radio.

A couple of weeks back, NYC experienced what many of us have experienced for years. The destruction of what many of us grew up knowing as black radio. Black Radio is now known in radio and more importantly, advertising circles as, “urban” and “contemporary hits radio.” It is no longer about local personalities like Donnie Simpson, The Boodah Brothers (RIP DJ Law), or DJ Red Alert. It is about finding that lucky jock that has the marketability and work ethic of a Tom Joyner to become the one voice that blacks go to for dialogue. But with that comes great responsibility. How do you entertain, but yet not be a buffoon? How do you inform but not come off boring? And then there is the music.

Well, as I was reading about NYC losing Kiss FM and thus losing Tom Joyner and Michael Baisden, it prompted me to write the blog Hey NY, You’re Losing Black Radio? We Know Your Pain! Than, I talked to the #LFCRadio team and decided its time to talk about it! Tonight we will have Cheryl Wilkerson on as our guest. Cheryl was a part of the long running Supreme Team Morning Show on WOWI-FM radio in Norfolk, VA. We are going to dig into the current state of black radio. Of course, to know where you are and where you are going, you have to know where you came from. We will dig into some of the history and evolution of the industry!

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