The Death of Terence Crutcher Should Outrage All

The Death of Terence Crutcher Should Outrage All

The Death of Terence Crutcher Should Outrage All. Not just the “liberals”. Not just black people, or Hispanics or Democrats

It should make us all angry. I have a ton of “right winged”‘ and “conservative” “friends” and “followers” on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and this blog. I have not seen one of you posting outrage about #TerenceCrutcher. I’m going to give you a slight pass, because of how the social media algorithms work, maybe you haven’t seen it.

Follow the hashtag above 👆🏾, or watch the above video for context.

If after watching the video…If you are still outraged about #ColinKaepernick and not outraged at how #BettyShelby took the life of an innocent man, than you are a heartless hypocrite. That’s the bottom line. The helicopter “observer” looked at him from 300 feet away and determined he was a “bad dude” who was probably “on something”. That is completely prejudiced and racist. Period!

Since #ColinKapernick began his public protest, 71 people have been killed by Law Enforcement, yet the Santa Clara Police Union has threatened to boycott the 49ers, and the Fraternal Order of Police is publicly endorsing #DonaldTrump.

This is why we are using our voices. This is why #BlackLivesMatter exist. This is why the #VeteransForKaepernick hashtag exist. This is why we are outraged that the national media won’t say the names of these victims until we protests. Hey #FoxNews, #MSNBC, #CNN, why aren’t you covering this or any other police killing this year like you’ve done in the past. I get it, its not driving enough revenue anymore, so you focus on #DonaldTrumpJr’s ridiculously racist Skittles Tweet.






I say it again. You are a heartless hypocrite if you know about this and still choose to act like it isn’t happening. Good cops exist. Good cops do their jobs. Prosecute the bad ones. PERIOD!

Miguel Lloyd, is the Host of the Life Full Circle Radio Podcast, Owner of Lloyd Media Group and Creator of Follow Miguel on Twitter


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