The Birth Of A Nation Boycott And Rape Culture Have Collided

The Birth Of A Nation Boycott And Rape Culture Have Collided

The Birth Of A Nation Boycott And Rape Culture Have Collided. Its Modern Day Black Feminism Vs. Everybody

Becuase context matters, let me say that I had an opportunity to see the film A Birth of A Nation a few weeks before the national premiere here in Atlanta with my wife. We were blown away by the cinematic art displayed in this movie. I have no doubt why it performed so well at The Sundance Film Festival and earned the $17 Million.

With that said, there is a ton of controversary surrounding the star and producer of the film, Nate Parker. He was charged and and acquitted of rape while a student at Penn State 17 years ago. Because of that experience in his past, many in the Black Feminist community have taken the opportunity of the premiere of the movie to bring exposure to rape culture in America.

I personally grew up in Virginia, so the Nat Turner story is not foreign me. But for most of the world, he is a story untold. Similarly, when I lived in the midwest, the story of Juneteenth became more prevalent to me. That is also uniquely regional.

That brings us to the current conversation. This discussion was brought to my attention when I ran across a Medium post. In the article she says:

 I’m over social media, and I’m over the cyber mafia known as “Black Feminism”

If anyone has ever gotten into a Facebook conversation or a “Twitter Beef” with the “Black Feminist” community, whether they are showing support for the Black Lives Matter movement, the LGBT community or the Beyhive, you know that they are relentless.

Roland Martin invited this dialogue on his show this week. Much of the conversation featured a passionate, yet uncomfortable Aunjanue Ellis debating with BLACK Co-Founder Amber Phillips about the importance of the film and rape culture. The conversation got so heated, that it produced two days of programming all by itself. See the second part of the conversation below.

I posted the video on my personal page and the conversation continued. It got pretty heated, but I believe it was neccessary. I’ve posted a couple of comments below. It is a public post, so feel free to jump in.

In my opinion, we as a community are nuanced enough to deal with multiple conversations, intelligently. Rape culture is a real issue. The systematic marginilization of our culture is a real issue. Cooperative Ecomonics is a real issue. We need to have the ability to manage them all.

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