The Bedroom vs. The Pulpit: Americas “Achilles Heel”

The Bedroom vs. The Pulpit: Americas “Achilles Heel”

By Miguel Lloyd

This week on #LFCRadio we will be talking about  America’s “Achilles Heel”, The Bedroom Vs. The Pulpit.

With President Obama’s announcement of his support of gay marriage a couple of weeks ago, there has been an inevitable wedge drawn in the conversation within America, especially within the community of faith.

There are some within the Black Christian community who take their interpretation of the word of God in a very “literal” sense.  Homosexuality is an abomination and marriage that does not include a man and a woman is illegal in Gods eyes and immortal. Than there are those, who believe that if we are to take the Bible that literally, than in addition to homosexuals deserving to be stoned, so are the prostitute, adulterer, and for that matter disobedient children. In many circles this is considered the battle between the “social” gospel and simply…the gospel as it is written.

So how does this affect the President and why did he take the position that he did? Well, lets keep in mind that in his current position, he is a politician. The very job description of a politician is that of compromise. That job requirement doesn’t stop at their faith. On many issues it begins there, whether they want to or not. Although gay rights are clearly an issue that starts and ends with the states themselves, the President had no choice on whether he was going to take a definitive position on this matter. The coalition that voted for him in 2008, included a very vocal and powerful homosexual community, and they were not going to accept anything less.

So now you have people of faith who say that he has caved on this issue and thus they have withdrawn their support for him. There are other who say, that whether they support gay marriage or not, there are more important issues than what someone is doing in the privacy of their bedrooms that will determine their vote in November.

So where do you lean on this conversation. Do you support gay marriage? Do you not support gay marriage, but still support the President or are you one who believes that President Obamas position on this, was the defining moment for you and you will not vote for him in November?

Our guest this week will be Pastor John Young of Empowered Believers Christian Learning Center, in Hampton, VA.

Pastor John Young

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