NEO-Nazi’s are patrolling Sanford, FL

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    Really? Neo-Nazi’s patrolling Sanford, Fl.? As I have followed the Trayvon Martin case, I haven’t read anywhere that blacks have attacked whites for the “cause”. All gatherings, rallies, protests, etc. have been peaceful and included people of all races. Simply demanding justice for a youth shot down before his life really could begin. This “patrolling” as they call it has the potential to incite a race war.

  2. Its interesting that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are race baiters for protesting peacefully but neo nazis can “patrol” the streets like that. I wonder how many news outlets will cover that story?

  3. This sounds like BS. I live in the area and I’ve not heard anything reported in the local media about Nazi’s patrolling Sanford. If this was going on, it would be the biggest local story (and national story for that matter) of the day. Do you have any proof other than a photo that looks like it was shot in the desert?

    1. got the story from a source in Miami, with a quote from representatives from the organization. Feel free to click the link above form your own opinion on if it is BS or not.

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