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  • Anti-Establishment is on the rise: Trump, Sanders and Newton are here to stay January 31, 2016
    The preliminary rounds are over. After 6 months of waiting for the bombastic Donald Trump to fall, he is still leading the polls, driving TV ratings and scaring the Republican establishment. The Iowa Caucus is Monday. After that, its a sprint to the general elections. As far as the Democrats, Hillary Clinton isn't quite the sure winner […]
  • Trump's Getting Exposed, CEO Supports Diversity, MO Senator Threatens Students December 19, 2015
    In the final GOP Debate of the Year, Trumps gets further exposed on his lack of a plan. Sams Club CEO, Rosalind Brewer speaks about diversity in corporate america and she is labeled a racist. MO Senator attempts to present a bill to strip student athletes of their scholarships if they don't play for any other […]
  • The Week in Review: Black pastors & Trump, Laquan McDonald and more! November 28, 2015
    My man Big O and I have a lot on our minds. Tune in with your family this morning to Life Full Circle Radio at 10am. We're talking Donald J. Trump and the 100 religious leaders, slumping Black Friday Numbers, the Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting, Laquan McDonald and more.
  • This Week in Review: #AssaultAtSpringValley and Safety and Police #LegalEqApp October 31, 2015
    This week we will discuss:#AssaultAtSpringValley. Are our kids truly safer or being prepared for the school to prison pipeline. Officer Slam the fallout and his supportersLegal Equalizer App and how it will change police interaction for the good What have we learned this week in business. If you are taking credit cards, you better update your equipment […]
  • This Week in Review: #MillionManMarch Recap, The Dems Debate, Fighting Addiction October 16, 2015
    On This weeks episode of #LFCRadio, among other things, we'll discuss the #MillionManMarch/#JusticeOrElse event hosted by #LouisFarrakhan. Many black Christian leaders did not show their support for the event. Many went so far as to denouce it publicly. Others just remained silent. Why is that? Is it that they didnt see value in the core principles of […]

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  • Untitled June 7, 2012
  • Untitled June 7, 2012
    Originally posted on My Quest To Teach: Man Up for Health in Jacksonville, Florida 2012 Man Up for Health Summit Web site: A Summit for Boys & Men that encourages healthy lifestyles and healthy choices in diet, sexual relationships, drug use and exercise. The Healthy Jacksonville Men’s Health Coalition, Inc, will present a program…
  • Untitled May 30, 2012
  • Untitled May 30, 2012
  • Life Full Circle Featured on May 29, 2012
    Life Full Circle Featured on Politics365.comPlease follow the link to read the story on the All-New Life Full Circle Website!