Lets Look at Donald Trumps Ugly Political Legacy

Lets Look at Donald Trumps Ugly Political Legacy

Donald Trump has influenced “politics” long before he was a “politician”

Lets Look at Donald Trumps Ugly Political Legacy. #DonaldTrump supporters like to say that we need to stop looking at what he has said and focus on what #HillaryClinton has done. He’s never been a politician…she has.

Well here is what he has done over the course of the last 15 months as a “politician.” Here are a few lowlights. People have been physically attacked at his rallies. He celebrates the “good old days” and people being taken out on stretchers and other Bull Connor tactics of policing. But lets look at what he has done as a “private citizen.” What has he done over the last 40 years of public life? Here’s a short list:

He is now on the verge of inciting attempted anarchy when he loses in November…all because he and most of his supporters fear change. Fear of where our country is going. His supporters like to quote polls that say 66% of America doesn’t like where our country is going, but ignores his impact on that poll. Americans have been considering him for the last 16 months.

Yes there are more minorities in our country, and more multi-racial children, and feminists, and more successful blacks and more members of the LGBT community and more informed citizens and more CRITICAL THINKERS. Which means the playing field is leveling. Which means the very “boot strap” mantra that he and many of his supporters espouse, is coming to fruition.

If he truly wants the help the “African Americans” and “Latinos”, than how about he take his “vast” resources and go to the inner cities that he likes to rail against, and cut good deals with local entrepreneurs. Help them buy up the land and buildings that are laying dormant in those communities and create pride in those communities.

No…thats not what he’s about. He’s about Donald Trump…and thats it. He couldn’t give a damn about most of the people at his rallies, let alone the rest of us. If it destroys our nation and he has the resources to rebuild, he probably thinks thats a “good deal”, and it makes him “smart”.

Lastly, kudos to those Republicans that are putting country over politics. Who have rescinding their endorsement like John McCain or never endorsed him like George W. Bush, General Colin L. Powell or Condelezza Rice. There is no way Americans in public office who know better should have ever agreed this guy should be seriously considered to sit in the Oval office. I’m sure on #November9th, the lines will be redrawn in the sand, but that will be politics as usual.

Hopefully the damage done will not be irreversible.

Miguel Lloyd, is the Host of the Life Full Circle Radio Podcast, Owner of Lloyd Media Group and Creator of MyWordCentral.com Follow Miguel on Twitter

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