Heavy D “We’ve Got Nothing But Love For You” RIP

Heavy D “We’ve Got Nothing But Love For You” RIP

By Miguel Lloyd

When I received the news of brother Heavy D passing, the first thing I thought was, “Wow”. Although I am a product of the hip hop generation and love the culture, because of the direction it has gone in, I don’t listen to hip hop the way I used to. I know my story is similar to many of you. There is something about playing “The Chronic” or Redman’s “What the Album”, around my kids that doesn’t exemplify being a good father.

When we were coming up, just like any other teenage kids we were rebellious sneaking to watch and listen to artists that most of us weren’t asking our mothers a fathers to play in the boom box at the cookouts. Than there was Heavy D.

This brother blended the fun stuff, with dance music, a little classic R & B, at the same time blending in his Caribbean roots. He definitely was “parent” friendly. His classic Mr. Big Stuff, grabbed a sample from the classic Jean Knight track and modernized it so we would “wop” to it. At the same time, the video infused 3 generations of party goers to show what his goal was. Make music that generations would enjoy.

As the new jack swing era came about, he continued to drop hit after hit. Songs featuring famous models, in the videos for the ladies to enjoy to hard core tracks with Biggie Smalls and Busta Rhymes, he always appealed to the masses of fans. He was really at the beginning of the merger of the hip hop and R & B community becoming one community.

As the culture continued to evolve, there seemed to be less room for artist like Heavy D. so like most of us, we lost touch with the brother. But than came Twitter. In this world we can reconnect with whom ever we want. The record companies and networks don’t determine who we “follow”. He had just dropped an album that he was marketing and had a surprise appearance on this years BET Hip Hop Awards. A whole new generation was exposed to the Overweight Lover.

With his tweets, I would see the evolution of the man and it was what many of us probably expected. Youthful exuberance had evolved to that of a father and mentor. His last tweet simply had 2 words…

Brother…Heav, I’m sure I speak for many when I say, you’re spirit on Earth was a blessing. I hope that it will inspiring many young men to be emulate your class & style and ladies to require the men in their lives to live upright as you presented yourself.

One love brother…

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