9/11 Ten Years Later: Where were you? Where are we going?

9/11 Ten Years Later: Where were you? Where are we going?

On next Sunday we will commemorate 10 years since the world as US citizens know it changed. 3 commercial airlines were used as weapons to not only kill over 3,000 people on that day, but they also made us all feel a lot less safe. What used to be a set of twizzers, a pair of wingtips or a bottle of water, quickly turned into a potential weapon.

For the X Generation, in the late 80’s and early 90’s many of us looked at the miltary as simply a means to an end, not a career or a commitment that would put our lives in danger. Of Course freedom isn’t free, but now you are not only potentially going to serve in a war zone, but you may have already gone 5 or 6 times. Many military members familes are falling apart while we are trying to figure out why we are still in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our ecomony is bad shape while we ignore the elephant in the room. One of our biggest expenditures is defense spending. Everything has changed.

We declared war terrorism, but did we really declare war on our own way of life?

This week we will look at all things “9/11” on Life Full Circle Radio! Click here to listen!

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